Correlating IO Wait with Queries

Have you ever looked at sys.dm_os_virtual_file_stats and saw horrible latency for your database files? Generally speaking, you want to see latency below 20 ms on your database files.  much above that and there are some problems somewhere that need some tuning. But, how do you know what queries are causing your issue? What’s causing those … Continue reading Correlating IO Wait with Queries

Retiring sp_who and sp_who2

  Sp_who and sp_who2 have been some very popular T-SQL commands. What if I told you that you could get more and better information from DMVs that have been around since SQL Server 2005? With the advent of SQL Server 2005 came along new objects called Dynamic Management Views, also known as DMVs. One of … Continue reading Retiring sp_who and sp_who2