6 Ways to Advance Your IT Career

The “Great Resignation” is upon us, or so the internet tells us. People want better working conditions, better wages, just… better. Large swaths of people are trying to advance their careers. Here are 6 ways to advance your IT career. Accept that long term loyalty to a small to mid-sized company is likely keeping your … Continue reading 6 Ways to Advance Your IT Career

Measuring Your DBA Skills

Over the last 9 weeks I took you on a journey of skills and career topics related to being a SQL Server DBA. We looked at the Production DBA. We saw skills and career topics from the beginning to mid-career to Senior DBA. Then we looked at the Development DBA and their skills and career … Continue reading Measuring Your DBA Skills

How Do I Measure My DBA Skills Part 9

Production and Development DBA Skills and Things We Didn’t Touch On We’ve covered a lot of ground for Production and Development DBAs in terms of the skills and applicable career topics. We’ve mentioned necessary skills with T-SQL, backup/restore, automation, PowerShell, troubleshooting, SSIS, SSRS, patching, Query Store, HA/DR, leadership and emotional intelligence. That’s quite a list! … Continue reading How Do I Measure My DBA Skills Part 9